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Servers and Systems with Intel Products
We are proud to offer products with Intel products inside. As a picky customers myself, if Intel is not inside, I'm not buying it. Our products boast the fact that there are Intel processors and security features inside them. From Servers to desktops, notebooks and tablets have Intel products inside. Most security features are built inside and work along side software security to enhance data security of your business systems.

Intel Products Inside

Building your business systems on a platform that is stable and backed by years of technology and services is important. If there are no Intel processors and boards inside then you're playing with your business data.

SMB Servers and Desktops

Our main goal is to provide SMB customers with products and services that compete or compare to enterprise systems. Our selection of Lenovo desktops and server all come with Intel processors inside. We strive to give you the best advantage to remain compliant with business standards that are up-to-date and industry standards compliant.
From desktops to tablets, security features that are built in give you more security than regulations suggest. Easy to use and to maintain even with limited IT staffing. Look for the Intel Logo before you buy.

Hiring the right employees is tough for any business, but for small businesses, the stakes are even higher. Fortunately, there’s one teammate that today’s small businesses can choose with confidence.


A Smart Hire

Whether running applications for email, web and database use, or enabling easier sharing of files and printers, an Intel® Xeon® processor-based server can bring entirely new capabilities to your business.


Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 Family: At Work Inside a Server

In business, data is your most valuable asset. Put a server based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v3 product family to work and make your data safe and accessible at all times.


A Server is…

·         Always Reliable. Unlike a desktop PC, a server can automatically detect and correct memory errors that can cause a system crash. Error correcting code (ECC) memory helps improve data integrity and enable 24/7 system uptime.


·         Never Late. Centralizing data on a server lets your company access information faster and respond to customers sooner. A server can also help protect critical business information with redundant storage.


  • A Strong Performer. More processing power with an Intel® Xeon® processor means faster sharing of information with productivity-enhancing applications and tools. Employees will welcome your new teammate who helps them work faster and smarter.


  • Strict with Security. Intel Xeon Processor-based servers have hardware features that protect your system from unauthorized updates or changes and enable secure, fast encryption for 3rd party applications.




Remember to secure your investment with power back and monitoring appliances.