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Windows Server Family

Lenovo ThinkServer RD

Looking to save space with a proven product? Replace your hard to manage servers with Lenovo rack servers and start building your business with enterprise class servers. Great for cloud computing and virtualizing your applications.
Adding servers to your already existing network allows you to centralize your information and protect all your data in a secure place that is accessible from all of your end points and even through the cloud. With the right server(s) your business can go to scales that you've never imagine, and when ever it is needed, you can scale it back to save on your own carbon footprint.
That's why we carry servers from towers to rack mount to give you the ability to adjust to what business needs are. We won't try to give you more than what is necessary for your growing business, but we are here to help you see the potential and avenues that are waiting for you in the future. Attention to detail is how we follow our customers from planning to implementation of our solutions, always moving forward, always planning ahead.
 Ask about Lenovo Financing to help leverage your next move to the cloud.

Windows Server Cals

Don't forget to add Windows Server CALS to your order, you user will love you for this.